Entry information

A, B, and C grade

Entry typeCostEntry deadline
Online entry$2515 minutes before race start
Cash on the day$3030 minutes before race start (75 min for A grade)

Once entered, riders can collect their electronic timing chip from the registration desk at the event. You should collect your chip early to avoid the queue and ensure that you make it to the start line 10 minutes before your race, in time for the race briefing.

Kids’ Races: Mini and Mighty Cross

Entry typeCostEntry deadline
Mini CrossFreeJust turn up!
Mighty Cross$515 minutes before race start

Mini Cross is our offering for the little kids; it’s all about fun, and the ‘race’ is not timed and results aren’t published. Mighty Cross is aimed at riders 7-12 years; the race is timed manually and results will be published online.

Race dates & locations

Schedule on the day

  • 9:00am Registration desk opens
  • 9:30am Course practice (30 min)
  • 10:00am C Grade (30 min)
  • 10:40am Mighty Cross (20 min)
  • 11:00am Mini Cross (10 min)
  • 11:15am Registration closes (after this time, you can still collect your chip if you entered online)
  • 11:30am B Grade (45 min)
  • 12:15pm Course practice (15 min)
  • 12:30pm A Grade (60 min) – CX bikes only

R1: Sunday 26 May

Wainuiomata Trail Park
Lower Hutt

R2: Sunday 9 June

Moonshine Park
Upper Hutt

R3: Sunday 23 June

Hikoikoi Reserve

R4: Sunday 14 July

Ngāti Tama Park
Upper Hutt

R5: Sunday 28 July

Wellington Family Speedway
Upper Hutt

New in 2019

Electronic timing chips

We’re pretty stoked to crank the dial up on the Hüttcross experience for 2019. A big step forward for us this year is we’ve got timing chips!!! This will mean:
  • No awkward mega tight single-file chicane setup as you lap in…you can take it full noise elbow to elbow down to the line (every damn lap if you want!)!
  • Quicker sign on/rego process for every race…the online entry system allocates you a number as soon as you register online, you collect that number at rego and it’s game on. Simples!
  • No more midnight cut offs for entry…we won’t need to migrate the data across manually so you can enter in the early hours of the morning if you are holding out for last minute weather reports (*subject to availability).
  • No more number boards on bikes…imagine the aero advantages you can unlock! It’ll also make life easier for those mid race bike swap moments if you’re lucky enough to have a second steed (or a mate’s bike) in the pits.
  • Quicker turnaround of results…by the time you’ve cleaned up from your Sunday ride in the park and banged your laundry in the tub you should be able to check out how you placed and brag to your mates about it!
  • For our 102 club members, please check your email for details on how to enter each race for free.

*Subject to availability. This does mean that we’ll have a cap on entries this year (cos we have 250 chups to use across all grades – no smart ideas about re-using chips between C, B or A Grade cos that just makes the whole thing waaaaaay more difficult). So, grab your entry online to secure your spot on the startline. There will be around 148 entries up for grabs for each round (given our 102 club members!).

More for the tamariki

For 2019, we also want to improve the offering Hüttcross provides for the ankle biters:
  • Bigger kids (we’re aiming this at 7-12 yrs in particular) will now get their own TIMED 20 min race on the bigger course (likely C Grade setup). If your kid used to race C Grade, we’d love to see them support their own dedicated event. While 20 mins might sound short…this is CX…it’s about fast and furious racing. The kids will get to use our purple number plates and will get a dedicated manual timing crew and we’ll provide results for them. We’d also encourage as many people as possible to cheer them on (that actually goes for every grade…so don’t forget to pack your cowbells and noisemakers).
  • Little kids (eg balance bikes) will get a 10 min race on a mini CX course. No timing (apart from us knowing when to ring the bell) and no rego, no entry fees, no results…cos it’s really not about that for this age group!! They can just line up and have fun.
  • The mini CX course will also be available all day long (and will be adjacent but separate to the main course). So, you can let your nippers dial in their cornering to their hearts content in the Hüttcross KindyCross (Note: the Committee will not be held accountable for looking after your kids! Please keep an eye on the young guns)!!