The Rules

Hüttcross rules

Who do these rules apply to?

  1. These rules apply to all Hüttcross Club members - if you're a member of the Club, you've agreed to be bound by bylaws of the Club (such as these rules).
  2. People who aren't Hüttcross Club members will be asked to agree to comply with these rules when entering a Hüttcross event.

When do these rules apply?

  1. These rules apply in relation to all Hüttcross race events - before, during and after races. There may also be other rules that apply in relation to individual events.

So, what are the rules?

  1. Be a decent human being. Everyone is at a Hüttcross race to have a good time, so don't do things that interfere with other people's enjoyment of the race. That means you should only perform rad passing manoeuvres, jumps, skids, etc. when you know it won't pose a risk to people near you.
  2. Ride within your ability. Falling off can hurt. Make sure you're comfortable riding the course, including by checking out the course before your race start.
  3. Stay in the tape, go over the obstacles as designed. No one likes a course-cutter.
  4. You're responsible for having a bike that works and is safe. Check bolts are tight, wheels are attached, and your bike is free of spinning knives, lasers, and explosive ordnance. And you must have at least one working brake.
  5. Use appropriate cycling kit. That means a non-broken helmet, shoes, and at least some clothing. Have even more clothing if it's cold (which it probably will be).
  6. Help anyone who is injured. This ain't no World Cup.
  7. Keep off the course when other races are on. There will be time for you to try out the course between races - don't mess with others peoples' races and the timers by going on the course when it's not your turn.
  8. No burglars. Don't race down a grade only to claim a hollow, crushing victory over someone who has been working hard all season with the aim of taking their first win in a brutal battle to the line.
  9. Be careful when around the event area. That includes avoid scratching cars, running over other people's bicycles, or starting brawls. You're also responsible for ensuring any children in your care are similarly careful.
  10. We own your image. Well, not exactly. But we may use photos of you in promotional or other published material. And we make no guarantees that they'll be flattering photos.
  11. The organisers may boot you out. If we think you're causing problems, we have full discretion to remove you from the race without a refund.

The Hüttcross constitution:

As an incoroprated society we have a constitution, you can read that here