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2018 Round 1: Ngāti Tama

The riverside nook of Ngāti Tama showcased a more open course than years gone by and provided a fresh opportunity for teeth to be cut, lines to be dialled and hucks to be had as many got to grips with navigating drop bars between the tapes for the first time in a while.

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2018 Round 2: Moonshine

After a good dump of rain, add a surface remix or three to the recipe and you’ve got a quintessential offering that would strike pride into the heart of any Nederland cyclocross aficionado, even this far from home. Grass. Gravel. Asphalt. Riverstone. Wait, riverstone? Yes. A rambunctious club crew added a smattering of riverstone to Huttcross Ronde Twee in a break from tradition.

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