Hüttcross will be back in Winter 2019!

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2018 Race Information

Pricing and entry

Hüttcross is a community-driven race series, run for the people, by the people - we are in it for a good time, not to make money.

For 2018, entry will be $15 for online pre-entries per race, and $20 for on the day entries. Series entries (all six races) will be $75. As with previous years, the Kids' Grade will be free to enter.

Please note that we have moved online entries from Webscorer to another website (https://huttcross.lisahunkin.com), to reduce our Webscorer fees (about $400, which we will reinvest into Hüttcross!). If you have already entered Round 3 on Webscorer, your entry has been received and you don’t need to do anything further.

Entries, dates and locations

Round Date Location Online entry
Whole series 27 May - 9 September Upper Hütt Closed
Round 1 Sunday 27 May Ngāti Tama Park Closed
Round 2 Sunday 17 June Moonshine Park Closed
Round 3 Sunday 8 July Ngāti Tama Park Closed
Round 4 Sunday 5 August Wellington Family Speedway (Upper Hutt) Closed
Round 5 Sunday 26 August Location changed! Now at Moonshine Park Closed
Round 6 Sunday 9 September Location changed! Now at Ngāti Tama Park Closed

On the day

Please arrive in good time prior to your race, expect entry to take at least 15 minutes, and allow time to warm-up. If entering on the day, please bring cash! You will also have to follow the rules.

Registration and check in opens at 9am and not before, and closes half an hour before each race. If you have a season entry, you will still need to check in on the day at each round.

Race Times

Please note changed race schedule from last year.

# Grade Start Time Duration
1 C Grade (any bike) 10:00 am 30 minutes
2 Kids' Race (short course) 10:45 am 10 minutes
3 B Grade (any bike) 11:00 am 45 minutes
4 A Grade (CX bikes only) Midday 55 minutes

Choosing the right grade

Hüttcross want to encourage fun racing across all grades.

Cross is all about short, hard, fast racing. For 2018, we strongly encourage you to race in a grade that will challenge you. If you're not sure what this is flick us a message and we can help you pick your poison.

We discourage racing multiple grades as this impacts on those who are giving it their all in the race you are "racing down" in as well as adding to course congestion and wear and tear on the parks that Upper Hutt City Council kindly let us use.

If you feel you have more gas in the tank at the end of your race we encourage you to pedal harder and/or bump yourself up to the next grade at the following round. However, if you really, really want to race multiple grades you can do but must pay for each race you participate in.

What bike should you race?

B & C Grades - Run What You Brung

Have a mountain bike? Road bike? Even a hybrid will do! The beauty of cyclocross is that it’s accessible for a range of bikes, so whatever you’ve got, the odds are good that you can use it to get your feet wet (and muddy!) before committing to a new bike.

If you’ve only got a roadie then find some skinny knobblies to run (make sure you have a bit of frame clearance in case of mud). A wide range cassette will make life easier but is not essential.

If you’ve got a hybrid then consider running some tyres with a bit of tread (rather than semi slicks for commuting) as Hüttcross does tend to get muddy sometimes.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to own a CX bike then we’d encourage you to bring that so you can enjoy the full authenticity of cyclocross!

If you can add some toe spikes to your cycling shoes that will make life easier for muddy races. These can be purchased for cheap from places like Rebel Sport. Most cycling shoes accommodate soccer studs.

A Grade - CX Bikes Only

For 2018, we’re keen to keep the A Grade race as an authentic experience of ‘cross with some true Flandrian spirit in the parks of mighty Upper Hutt. To race in A Grade, you must have a bike with drop handlebars, 700c wheels and tyres no wider than 41mm. In the event of a dispute, the Race Director’s decision is final.